February 26, 2017


Last year, when ROBERT VICTOR SARBU had to leave the Greater Los Angeles Area for an extended amount of time, he asked me to maintain the ViitorulRoman.com website while he was out of town.


ROBERT established the ViitorulRoman.com website over 12 years ago to assist our social media presentation.  Also, he established the email @ViitorulRoman.gmail. internet communication for our society.  The Facebook / VIITORUL ROMAN GROUP and the Facebook / Viitorul Roman Society were created with his assistance.  All costs for the website and the social media were donated by ROBERT for the past 12 years.  We thank him sincerely for his contributions.


Thank you also to CRISTIAN CALUGARITA for contributing many articles and photographs documenting the history of VIITORUL ROMAN SOCIETY.  Thanks also to SUSAN MARIE PETRESCU and others who contributed photographs of VIITORUL ROMAN SOCIETY events for many years.  These helped keep our Website interesting.


Others who contributed to the FACEBOOK media presentation were MARA CHINDRIS, AURA IMBARUS, IONELA KLOS, SUSAN MARIE PETRESCU and VIRGIL ADUMITROAIE.  They assisted by adding FACEBOOK posting of interest to our many followers and monitored our sites.  Susan and I contributed to social media by adding videos and photos to Facebook, moderating social media accounts, uploading videos to YouTube and engaging views with comments.



Website: ViitorulRoman.com  last year had 2,826 Sessions; from 2,029 Users; viewing 8,404 pages.  5.42% from RO language sources

Facebook / VIITORUL ROMAN GROUP has 461 members

Facebook / Viitorul Roman Society has 309 likes with 1683 post engagements.  Over 1500 boosts were sent to Facebook followers for each of our events.  The post where funds were collected and sent to Bucharest Fire Victims had 1862 likes.


This year we are looking to add GSuite by google for non-profits.   This allows non-profits to have Google Apps.  Also, the website now has SSL which gives you the lock by the address bar to show the site is secure and it’s better for search engine results.


My membership in Viitorul Roman Society dates back to 1960.  It is with pride that I share my American-Romanian Heritage.  The Romanians that established Viitorul Roman Society in 1926 and the proud Romanians that continued this organization must be remembered.

Vee Petrescu